Correcting mistakes from the past

Not only, but to a large extent I worked in the last few months on foundational improvements to KWin’s DRM backend, which is a central building block of KWin’s Wayland session. The idea in the beginninng was to directly expand upon my past Atomic Mode Setting (AMS) work from last year. We’re talking about direct scanout of graphic buffers for fullscreen applications and later layered compositing. Indeed this was my Season of KDE project with Martin Flöser as my mentor, but in the end relative to the initial goal it was unsuccessful.

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KDE! What have I done?

We count the last days of 2016 so it’s time for a little recap. And since I finally brought all my KDE projects to pleasant end or intermediate states, I even find some time for it. Of course there is one major project I should’ve actively started working on already atleast half a month ago, but because I concentrated on other ones first haven’t even started with: It’s my Season of KDE project of finishing the Atomic Mode Setting support in KWin.

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